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We are proud to introduce the RV-MyPet portal. Now you can easily:

• Book appointments online

• Check your pet's vaccination status

• For those on diets follow your pet's bodyweight graph

• Check your financial payments and balances

News & events

​​4x hour long sessions focusing on socialisation, basic dog handling and commands and general care.

Classes are held at our Queenstown clinic in Gorge Road, on Monday nights.

Email [email protected] for bookings

Puppy Preschool


As at July 2019 there is an FDA investigation in place to determine if feeding grain-free foods is a related to an increasing incidence of the heart disease 'DCM' in dogs.

We believe the link is currently tenuous but in the interests of our pets and upholding scientific rigour it deserves recognition.

Given that the investigation is ongoing and will be thorough - it involves a number of eminent cardiologists and nutritionists around the world - we feel caution is the best policy.

Our recommendations are as follows:

1/ Giant Breeds, Golden Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels on predominantly dry food diets should, in the interim, avoid being exclusively fed commercially produced grain-free diets. A transition, again, in the interim, should be made to scientifically trialled and proven foods such as Hills, Royal Canin and Eukanuba

2/ All other dogs on predominantly dry diets should ensure that no more than 50% of their diet is grain-free product  i.e alternate your bag purchases.

For more insight visit our Companion animals news page

JULY 2019
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