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It's official! The SPCA has come to Queenstown


Remarkable Vets is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the SPCA in our Queenstown clinic at 53 Gorge Road.

This means there will be a location in Queenstown for medical and surgical care of sick and injured animals that do not have owners or where the owners have had to relinquish care of their pet. The clinic in Gorge Rd will also be a focal point for transfer of animals that will need fostering to the SPCA home facility in Dunedin. 

This will be an invaluable asset for helping raise the standard of animal welfare in the Wakatipu and we are proud to add another dimension to our role as Queenstown's Community Vets.

All inquiries to be directed to the local SPCA staff member, Emily, on 0275120294

COVID-19 Update

August 11 2020

Hello lovely clients,


The team of 5 million has been asked to step up again. We have been here before and know what to do. Below is a reminder of how Remarkable Vets in Arrowtown and Queenstown operate at Level 2, which is mainly related to hygiene, contact tracing and social distancing.


In Level 2 our main aims are to provide a full range of services, while reducing congestion as much as possible to keep everyone safe.


We will again be limiting the amount of people inside our buildings to 2 clients at a time for consultations and purchases. We ask that clients keep 2m between each other.


Boarding services will continue at the Level 2, with additional policies including pre-booking your drop off and pick up times and pre-paying online where possible. When dropping off, please use the tie up chains, remembering to keep your distance from other clients, then knock on the window to let us know you have arrived. We will then go through the consent form with you verbally.


Doggy daycare will continue during Level 2, with additional health and safety policies and procedures, including the requirement to pre-book your day and drop off/pick up times. Numbers will be limited to help reduce congestion. Pre-payment online is encouraged to reduce congestion in the clinic. When dropping off, please use the tie up chains, remembering to keep your distance from other clients, then knock on the window to let us know you have arrived.


Puppy preschool will be placed in hold for now while we await more information.


  • Clients are strongly encouraged to use hand sanitiser on entry and exit of our buildings. For contract tracing we may ask you to sign a login register, or staff will log you in electronically.

  • We ask that clients observe at least 2m distancing between staff and other clients and pets both inside and outside our vet clinics. We may utilise staff to hold your pet during examination to maintain distance. We may use PPE if we cannot maintain a safe distance.

  • One client per family may come into the consult room with your pet, keeping as far from staff as possible. Other family members will need to wait either outside observing social distancing, or in your vehicle.

  • Clients are to please wait either in your vehicle, or in our garden at Arrowtown if the weather permits prior to your appointment. Please let us know you have arrived by either calling the clinic from your car or knocking on the door of reception and waiting to be invited in.

  • Depending on congestion levels in the clinic, our vets may conduct your case discussion and perhaps your pet’s examination outside, keeping 1m distance between staff and clients. 

  • After your appointment, please wait in the garden at Arrowtown or in your vehicle for any prescriptions to be brought to you.

  • Payment can be online the night after your appointment, or via card or cash at the clinics.

  • With the additional cleaning required, there may be longer waiting times between consultations during the early stages of Level 2. Please let our staff know if you are pressed for time and we can reschedule.

  •  We may again utilise teleconsultation for some cases.

  • Please still try to phone first if you are planning on coming in to purchase food, supplies or medication, or order online at We can then have it all ready to go when you pick up. You are welcome to pay prior via internet banking or by credit card over the phone. This helps reduce congestion at the clinics.

  • Please continue to phone or email us for general advice and discussion about petcare, puppy training etc rather than coming into the clinic.

  • We are continuing our stringent disinfection routine.


  • If you are unwell with cold/flu symptoms or are self-isolating, please do not come into the clinic. If you need pet supplies or repeat medication you can call or email us to arrange delivery.

  • If you are unwell with cold/flu symptoms or self isolating and your pet needs veterinary attention please call us on 03 4421411 and we can advise you and make a plan for care.

  • If self isolating with your pet, please remember to treat them as a family member and wash hands before and after interacting.

Puppy Preschool is on hold for 2 weeks of Level 2. We feel it's not possible to maintain social distancing.  

If this lasts longer we'll organise small group sessions to make sure your pups are well rounded, sociable sweeties :)

Pup Preschool - from August 11