Ph: 03 442 1411

08:30 to 18:00 (Monday to Friday)

09:30 to 13:00 (Saturday)

Closed (Sunday)

1079 Malaghans Road

Arrowtown 9302

(Opposite Millbrook)


Ph: 03 409 2001

08:30 to 17:30 (Monday to Friday)

Closed (Saturday and Sunday)

53 Gorge Road

Queenstown 9300

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***ONLINE BOOKINGS are temporarily suspended whilst in Plan 4 LOCKDOWN***

We are proud to introduce the RV-MyPet portal. Now you can easily:

• Book appointments online

• Check your pet's vaccination status

• For those on diets follow your pet's bodyweight graph

• Check your financial payments and balances

News & events

Puppy Preschool - is cancelled whilst in Plan 4 Lockdown


As the current situation evolves and gathers pace we’d like to inform our clients of the policies and procedures we have implemented to ensure the ongoing health and welfare of clients, staff and all the pets of the Wakatipu


  • Rigorous hygiene strategies have been put in place for all high use public contact surfaces such as door handles, EFTPOS terminals, front desk area and seating

  • We are using strategic booking to reduce density of clients at busy times. Please expect allocated times for pet surgical drop off and post-hospital discharge times

  • We will utilise our staff for examining pets where restraint is required in order to minimise unnecessary close contact between staff and clients (no offence :))

  • We encourage utilisation of the wonderful outside space we have at Arrowtown as a waiting zone and potentially a consulting zone (weather and temperature permitting :))

  • If you are unwell and your pet needs attention please call us and talk through the case. You will be in isolation but we will work out a way to ensure your pet stays healthy :)

  • Doggy Daycare - please utilise the waiting zone tie-up stations on the deck to park your dog before entering the clinic to register and pay. This will help reduce congestion

  • Boarding Pickups - if you have returned from overseas and are picking up your pet before your self isolation please inform us. Our staff will meet you in the carpark and return your pet. Payment will be made online. Please do not come into the clinic

  • Can your pet contract/carry/spread Coronavirus Covid-19? The current thoughts (NZVA release 16/3/2020) are that pets are unlikely to contract the virus and spread to humans. There was one weakly positive case in HongKong in a dog thought to be from a human infecting the dog. The dog was not clinical. However, an infected human can CONTAMINATE a dog so standard hygiene practices after handling pets is highly recommended (handwashing)


Please contact us at anytime on 034421411 to discuss any of the above or any concerns you may have

Stay safe, stay healthy and love your pets

Nga Mihi

The Team @ Remarkable Vets

23 March 2020

Covid-19 Update 31st March

Remarkable Vets is in Essential Service Provision mode

This means we can and will provide access to veterinary products and services that fulfil these criteria throughout the Plan 4 Lockdown phase.

This period is NOT for routine work.

We have split the Team into 3 pods that don't mix. Each pod is working 1 or 2 day shifts in 6 day cycle.

This means there are vet(s) and nurses available each day. The clinic is open 9-5 but you MUST phone and tell us of your reason for coming BEFORE you arrive

We are running STRICT hygiene protocols and distancing measures.

Most inquiries will we managed by teleconsultations.

We are here to help. We can and will help.

We're all in this together